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Convenient access to independent genetic experts who will guide you or your patients through the complexities of family health history, genetics and genetic testing.

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About InformedDNA

Our nationwide network of board-certified genetic counselors provide genetic expertise to patients, physicians, and organizations across all fifty states in the USA, and are available internationally.

About Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling can benefit individuals with a family history of an inherited condition, individuals who are pregnant or considering a pregnancy, and individuals with a family history of cancer.
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Specialty Genetic Services

Our unique nationwide team of telephone-based genetics experts sub-specialize to ensure that you are working with a genetics professional who is expertly trained in the area of concern for you or your patients. Our specialty disciplines include cancer, cardiac, reproductive, ocular, pediatric, neurogenetics, pharmacogenetics, and genomic medicine.

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InformedDNA is the only nationwide network of independent genetic counselors. We bring genetic counseling to patients and providers anywhere.

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